Metadata import error


I'm encountering an issue when I attempt to import my metadata file into Qiime2 (I'm using version 2022.8). Here is the issue:

  1. I'm able to download/import/view example metadata files correctly with no issues from various tutorials, so I know the command is working.
  2. I've validated my metadata file with Keemei and there were no issues.
  3. I can import the metadata file without issue.
  4. However, when I execute the command: "head my-metadata-file.tsv" or try to actually view the metadata in my project file the way I can view the tutorial metadata I get gibberish instead of the columns of data that should appear.
    Thanks for your insight.

I believe you are looking for the metadata tabulate tool: DOCS which generates a visualization that you can then look at in q2view, to see it in action see here(be sure to select the appropriate interface from the drop down).

If I have misunderstood what you are asking, let me know and I will try to answer your real question.

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