Metadata from Fastqc file

Hi everyone,
I have fastqc files for pair-end sequences, so I have R1 and R2 files. I want to create my metadata file, however, I do not know how to extract the barcodes. My sequences look like this:

@GWNJ-1012:409:GW201024000:1:2101:23140:1047 2:N:0:TCGACGTC+ATGCCACA

Is TCGACGTC+ATGCCACA my barcode? Why is separated by a "+"? I extract these sequences from R1 and I have more than one. It is not supposed to have only one barcode per sample?

Hi @Wily,
Have you tried searching the forum for this topic? Several posts mention how to extract barcodes and should be helpful to you. Check them out and if you still have questions I am here to help!

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