metacyc vs kegg

Happy New Year to all QIIME 2 developers and the community!

When I applied PICRUSt2 to my ITS data, I didn't generate the 'ko_metagenome_out' folder ; only ec_ITS_counts.txt_metagenome_out folder was generated. Is this normal?

Additionally, does it make sense to use MetaCyc pathway abundance to predict ITS functional analysis instead of KEGG pathways (since I didn't generate ko folder to convert it to kegg abundance as I did for 16s)?

What's the difference between these two databases ( kegg and metacyc) when performing exploratory prediction analysis of ITS please?

Hi @Sue,
I unfortunately don't know why this would happen, and the developers of picrust2 are no longer supporting PICRUSt2 on the QIIME2 forum.

Here are some resources where you might be able to get more help!
google user group for picrust2

I will leave this queued for a while longer in case any other mods have ideas!

Sorry, I could not be more help!