merging otu abundance tables

Good day and thanks for your help, i have two otu abundance table with difference samples name and taxa attached, i already converted the to .biom files and imported them into qiime2 artifact (.qza), however after i tried to merge them i got the following error:

--i-tables feature-table-1.qza feature-table-2.qza
--o-merged-table merged-table.qza
Plugin error from feature-table:
No solution for inputs: (List[FeatureTable[RelativeFrequency] | FeatureTable[Frequency]], Str % Choices('error_on_overlapping_sample')), check the signature to see valid combinations.

Debug info has been saved to /tmp/qiime2-q2cli-err-q_79vm22.log

i do not know what is wrong with my feature tables, attached are the .qza files format used with taxonomy at the last column.
Need your help!!!!!

Good day, i am back again, i have three (3) different otu tables in .txt files that i need to import and merge them into one otu for analysis, each otu table has different sample names that i want collapse OTUs with identical taxonomy. I was in this forum that i need to separate taxonomy information in a separate file from OTU table before importing and coverting to .biom file. how can i merge this otu tables with different sample Id. attached are the examples of my otu tables
Thank you for your help.

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@Zango, it looks like you are trying to merge a FeatureTable[Frequency] with another of type FeatureTable[RelativeFrequency] which cannot be combined in a meaningful way, you will want to feed the artifact of type FeatureTable[Frequency] through this tool to convert it to [RelativeFrequency] so that they can be meaningfully merged. After you have all of your OTU's collected, you can then annotate them with taxonomic information to them as seen in the Parkinson's Mouse tutorial.

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Thank you very much for your reply, basically all the tables are the otu tables, i don't know why it is showing this error, i am really lost the otu are from different parts of plant parts which need to be merge, their taxonomy are entirely different. I need to merge them to check core otu among different plant compartments how can i use the taxonomic information? i should import two taxonomic files? i am lost

It is because of the differences with how the abundances are measured in each of your tables. Check out this page for a discussion of the differenences between the two, and then you can use the feature-table relative-frequency tool (docs) to convert tables with raw abundances to relative abundances, then you can use the feature-table merge tool (docs) to combine them. Hope that answers your question!

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