Manifest file for Import

I am trying to import my sequences in qiime2, but keep getting the error as attached.
My files look like this : sr6093_1V3V4_R1.fastq.gz zr6093_1V3V4_R2.fastq
Would really appreciate some help over this issue.

manifest-1.tsv (383 Bytes)

Please make sure manifest file has "absolute file path". It seems you are using relative path (~/khaledsinjab/Sample/1_zr6093_1V3V4_R1.fastq.gz). To find absolute path of a file use "readlink -f file.txt" in the folder where files are located. Absolute path maybe something like /home/khaledsinjab/Sample/1_zr6093_1V3V4_R1.fastq.gz.


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