Make a new plugin installable from github


I think I have successfully developed a plugin but I had to play with PYTHONPATH on my local machine to install it. I'd like to make it installable from github just like RESCRIPt.

May someone point me to the right direction, please?

Here is the repo I'm working on:

Best regards,



Hi there @the_dummy!

The issue is that q2_krona isn't a valid python package (it was missing a file).

I just opened a small PR to add that, plus remove some of the extra stuff that looks like was copied-and-pasted in (for example, versioneer - that's a tool that the "core" plugins use that let's use use git tags to handle the version labels, but it certainly isn't a requirement for you to use it).

This plugin looks like it'll be a nice addition to the ecosystem - thanks!



Well, I thought that I was good at copy paste stuff, apparently I'm not good but ok. :smiley:

Thank you very much for helping cleaning up the mess.

Seems like importing find_packages and adding packages=find_packages() to did the trick.