Losing high percentage of reads with good quality scores

@ZHY, in that case, I think you will use your original imports then and change the denoising method to denoise-ccs (docs), which was added in the last release.


Hi, I try to use the denoise-ccs, but my data have been dealt with, it does not contain front and adapter, so I wonder if the qiime2's development team could consider adjust the parameters' setting. And I also try to ask for the original data, but it has been a little long, the original data may be deleted.
Thanks for your help.

@ZHY I will have to look into that, the denoise-ccs method is a recent addition and I think generally the adapters and primers are still included, but do not see why they would have to be. These are not required parameters for other tools in q2-dada2, so I do not think they need to be required here, but need to check to make sure I am not missing something.

Thanks for your reply and help, I think I will have a wonderful travel with Qiime2. And most of all, thank you for your efforts. I will keep an eye on it for updates.

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