Looking for a tutor, R expert

Dear all,

This might be off-topic but I want to know if anyone has offered their expertise or services such as tutorial via Skype? Or is there a website for this kind of people?

I´m pretty much comfortable working with qiime. But I´m having some troubles when I try to do analysis using R. To be honest, it is not so easy to work with R. :frowning: I felt like I need someone to show me how to do stuff on R. And I´m willing to pay for this kind of services. Any leads would be very helpful.

Thank you

You are not alone! R is difficult to learn! (as are other statistical software/programming languages)

I have not used any of the following resources, but all are free online tutorials/guides:

  1. Rstudio lists some resources here
  2. R for data Science might be a little advanced, but what you are probably working toward.

In my opinion, it would be easiest to learn in-person if you are paying for instruction — check out your local universities to see if there are classes/workshops you could take, or if there is a local instructor who would be willing to offer training. This is not to discourage you from connecting with potential tutors via this forum — I hope you are able to use this forum to find experts who can help! — but just in case nobody responds.


Check this out. You can learn R and microbiome analysis at the same time. Just don’t let the the board admins know it’s mothur data :sweat_smile:


All are welcome here! Thanks for sharing this resource!

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