longitudinal anova

I am trying to determine whether multiple effects are significantly impacting alpha and beta diversity. Started with alpha diversity. The code i used was:
qiime longitudinal anova
–m-metadata-file ./core-metrics-results/faith_pd_vector.qza
–m-metadata-file ./sample-metadata.tsv
–p-formula ‘faith_pd ~ Medications+Timept’
–o-visualization ./core-metrics-results/faiths_pd_anova.qzv

The error message i got Error: QIIME 2 plugin ‘longitudinal’ has no action ‘anova’.

I can use any help i can get. This is new to me.


Hi @RossMaltz,

What version of QIIME 2 do you have installed? There is indeed an ANOVA action, as shown in some tutorials, but old releases do not have this action as it was added some time in the past year or two. You should install the latest version to have access to the latest features!

I hope that helps.