LME visualizations

Dear Qiime2 developers!
I am running the latest version of Qiime2 (2020.8).
I performed LME in longitudinal and got following visualizations:

Looks like some padding by the edges would make it better:

Thanks for the feedback @timanix!

You are welcome to contribute changes to the q2-longitudinal source code as a pull request to add padding to that figure, and we would be happy to review those changes.

Otherwise, this is a pretty low priority for us — in general, the static figures included in the LME visualization are meant as quick diagnostics, not publication-ready figures, and we recommend the volatility action to make interactive, customizable line plots.

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I would love to try it later, thank you.


I think I fixed it and created a pull request.
It is a first time for me, hope I didn’t mess up.

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Thanks for the pull request @timanix! Someone from the team will take a look, we can carry on the conversation there.

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