Linear mixed effects models errors with --p- state-column and --p-individual-id-column


I am using version 2018.8 and trying to run the command *qiime longitudinal linear-mixed-effects *

I am getting the errors:
Error: Missing option: --p-state-column
Error: Missing option: --p-individual-id-column
Error: Missing option: --o-visualization

It is not recognizing my p-state and the p-individual id column. I am not sure why.
This is the command I ran:
qiime longitudinal linear-mixed-effects
--m-metadata-file mapping_file_RS_linear_mixed__effect_models.txt
--m-metadata-file shannon_vector.qza
--p-metric shannon
--p-group-columns Diet\
--p-state-column Time
--p-individual-id-column Sample.ID
--o-visualization linear-mixed-effects.qzv --output-dir Linear_mixed_effect_models

And the metadata.
mapping_file_RS_linear_mixed__effect_models.csv (10.2 KB)

I would appreciate any input on this. I thought the --p-state information should be in the form of text and no numbers. Initially, I was trying to do the analysis with the "Time_Points" column and because it is a mixture of letters and numbers, it was not running. So, I changed it in another column called "Time" but it didn't work either. Seems the issue is on the way the metadata is presented.


Please see this existing thread for details:

Thanks! :qiime2:

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Great! that was exactly my problem! Easy fix!

Thanks a lot!

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