Linear mixed effect model results

Hi there,

My linear mixed effects model results table is only showing results for 2 groups even though there were 3 groups (see attached). Is there any way of seeing results for all 3?

Hi @ballaghboy ,
Please check out this topic for some more interpretation tips for LMEs, including how to interpret results for categorical variables:

Good luck!

Hi Justine,

Hi Justine,

I have asked a question on the Qiime 2 forum see attached Linear mixed effect model results - #2 by Nicholas_Bokulich . A reply directed me to your post above. However, it didn't really answer my question. Could you help, please?

Hi @ballaghboy,

I went through the post @Nicholas_Bokulich linked you to, and found the answer for where your third group went. (Hint: what's your reference, and what comparison are you making?). If you truly want to set your reference to 0, then you would add -1 to the question (i.e. ~ categorical - 1), but make sure that this is the hypothesis you want to test. I suspect you'd prefer the former, but the later may actually be your question.

I'd also ask you not to double post or send PMs asking for help. It's always worth reviewing the CoC. We're all volunteers, and so not cross posting and keeping discussions public helps to optimize our time and maximize the forum.



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