Lefse Cladogram and LDA


I'm trying to include the Lefse Cladogram and LDA analysis to my pipeline once I have performed the taxonomic classification with qiime2. I've been checking different posts about this topic (like Lefse after QIIME2 - #7 by ebolyen or LEfSe after QIIME2 to test at all taxonomic levels - #3 by sbslee), but they are "quite old" and I'm facing some problems to run them... I would like to know if there is any update on this.

Or do anyone know if is it possible to run these analyses in python? I can't find a robust tutorial.

Thank you!

Hi @MiriamGorostidi,
I don't think there are any updates on this.
Are you following the steps from the link? If so what are the issues you are running into?