Learning QIIME without any Command Line / Python knowledge?

I'm interested in learning Amplicon analysis (16S) and see that a lot of studies use QIIME over DADA.

I'm familiar with R but have no coding background otherwise. How hard is QIIME to learn without python or command line knowledge? Could I learn do this in a month?

Any tips on tutorials for coding newbies?

Welcome to the forum!

So you have a big advantage already! You can export output Qiime2 files to make better figures and run additional tests.
You do not need to know how to code in Python to perform 16s amplicons analysis in Qiime2. All commands can be executed directly through the command line (terminal).
There are also a lot of explicit tutorials to guide you from importing your data to ready results. Just check out the docs :slightly_smiling_face:.
Here is one of them as an example, but check others as well.

I took free codecademy Python2 course when I started, but I will repeat that you don't need Python to conduct the analysis. Although some knowledge may help you to perform it quicker.

You also may be interested in this Qiime2 R tutorial.

You may struggle for some time with terminal, so it may be useful to learn some basic commands first. But how long it will take depends on you.
Good luck!