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Dear qiime developers

I am trying to install qiime2 amplicon with docker. I get

docker pull
Error response from daemon: manifest for not found: manifest unknown: manifest unknown

However the docker pull installation does work.

Kind regards

Hello Armand,

Welcome to the forums! :qiime2:

The docker image for qiime2-2024.2 has not been built and/or pushed to quite yet.
The slightly older 2023.9 is still available.

Thank you for your patience while we sort this out!

Hi Armand,

This should be resolved now, as Colin said the image was not up but it should be available now! Would you be able to run this command again and let us know if the issue is solved?

Thanks for your post!


Dear Colin and Isaiah

Thank you so much for fixing this quickly. It woks now.

Kind regards

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