lasso select tool in emperor viewer

I could load a unifrac_file.qzv PCA object in emperor (online viewer) and see a group of clustering samples which I would like to list to keep track of them.
I could click on each and get its name at the bottom of the window (they are >10 dots) to copy-paste it to an external text editor but this is time consuming and error prone.
Is there a lasso functionality that would allow me to batch select the cloud of dots next to axix 1 and export the list through the clipboard?

In the same line, when clicking on a dot in the plot, the corresponding sample name does not get selected in the sample list on the right, is there a way to get this done, which would ease changing the shape/color/etc of these dots one by one.

thanks in advance

Good news! This functionality exists, but it's not mentioned in the tutorials. :mag_right:

Add sample selection support. Users can select samples by holding shift and
dragging the mouse. Selected samples are copied to the users' clipboard

Try that and let us know if it works!


It does work, wonderful!

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