Kemmei availability in Google Marketplace

Currently Keemei google sheet add-on is only available through the Google Add-On store. To be used in our environment we need it available in the Google Marketplace. Can you add it to the Google Marketplace?

Is there way to request that Keemei be made available through the GSuite Marketplace?

I am unfamiliar with the G Suite Marketplace, so will need to research the requirements a bit. It does sound like us publishing Keemei there is only part 1 of the process — your sysadmin would need to whitelist Keemei within the institution, as well - depending on IT protocols, that could be a difficult task to accomplish.

If you are using Keemei for validating QIIME 2, I will just throw this out there: Keemei doesn’t provide any additional validation or functionality over the built-in QIIME 2 metadata validation, so from my perspective, not having access to Keemei shouldn’t be a show-stopper for you (if it is, let me know how and why and we can discuss).


Thanks. Our sysadmin already said it will be approved if made available. I will go back to my end user and ask about the need. Thanks.

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Here is the response I got from the end user.

"Yes, QIIME2 software have a built in validation of the metadata file each time you use it, however, the down side is that it only gives you one error at a time which is fine if you only have one or two errors in your metadata file. It also doesn’t tell you how many errors you actually have in your metadata file, so you are essentially working blind – We would rather spend the day running an analysis than correcting errors on metadata files one at a time, especially if we have over 50 sampleIDs in a metadata file (could be more in the near future). Whereas Keemei will show you all the errors that you have in your metadata file, suggest how to fix it, let you fix it, and re-validate your metadata file.

Also, we have been waiting for the “qiime metadata validate” command to be developed and accessible to use instead of Keemei, but we checked again today, and it still has not been added as one of the usable commands in QIIME2 v2018.6. Hence, as stated on the QIIME website, the only current method of validating metadata files is via Keemei…"

Hi @thermokarst,

Is this something that is being addressed currently? I am currently running into this same issue and it would be very helpful to have access to Keemei to help with validating files, unless qiime metadata validate will be implemented soon?


Hey there @ylor — this isn’t really at the top of our TODO list, since Keemei is already published on the “regular” app store. We don’t have much bandwidth to spare right now, but if you, or anyone else in the community was interested in publishing Keemei to the G-Suite app store, we would all be in favor of that (and could provide a little bit of guidance along the way).

I think perhaps the more “ideal” solution is to get around to implementing qiime metadata validate (or something along those lines) in the near future — again, if you or anyone watching this thread is interested in this kind of project, we would love the help! Thanks!

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