Keemei Sample Information Validation

I have a question about Keemei. Exactly what part of your sample information is it validating? What is it able to search for and see if it’s incorrect? Thanks.

Hello Stephanie,

The requirements of a metadata file are listed on this page:

The sections starts at ‘Leading and trailing whitespace characters’ and ends at ‘Column Types.’

Are there specific questions you have about the validation process?


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Does Keemei search for all of the requirements that are listed on that page? Thanks Colin.

Hi @Stephanieorch - Keemei should be completely up to date with respect to the Metadata overhaul in QIIME 2 2018.2. Are you finding an inconsistency there? Thanks! :t_rex:

Ok thank you! I was just wondering what it checked for. Thank you for helping me.


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