ITSxpress:qiime feature-classifier classify-sklearn error


I am following this tutorial but at the taxonomy step I am getting below error, all previous step were running well; please advise if I need to load any other module.


qiime feature-classifier classify-sklearn --i-classifier classifier.qza --i-reads dada2out/representative_sequences.qza --o-classification taxonomy.qza

Installing distro dependency (1/1): gstreamer-plugins-base … FAILED

FAILED: unable to load apps/qiime2/2019.4.0/bin

Installation of required distribution packages failed, please refer to: /opt/gridware/local/el7/etc/depends/

/var/spool/slurmd.spool/job31292/slurm_script: line 16: qiime: command not foun

Hi @Yogesh_Gupta - this error is not a QIIME 2 error, it appears to be an error with your installation or activation of your environment on your cluster. Please work with your cluster sysadmin to address this issue, we aren’t able to provide cluster-specific support here. Thanks!

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