Issues with installing qiime2 using docker

I install qiime2 using Docker with these steps:

  1. Download QIIME 2 Image
    docker pull qiime2/core:2018.8
  2. Confirm the installation
    docker run -t -i -v %cd%:/data qiime2/core:2018.8 qiime
    It happens that I get problem in Command Prompt that ‘qiime’ is not recognized while I was trying to go through “Moving Pictures” tutorial.

Hey there @Mirjana!

Are you running just qiime? If so, that error makes sense - you need to run this through the docker command, just like in step 2 you listed above. So, listing the cutadapt plugin for example would look like this:

docker run -t -i -v %cd%:/data qiime2/core:2018.8 qiime cutadapt --help

Make sense? :t_rex:

I was running just qiime. It works now thank you.

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