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Hi there,
I am having some issues vewing a .qzv file through Qiime2 View. I have quite a large dataset and I have just created my taxa barplots near the end of my pipeline. Unfortunately, the .qzv file size is very large (79.7MB) and every time I try view it through Qiime2 View, the site crashes. Qiime2 View continues to work for all my other output files. Do you have any suggestions for what I can do to see this barplot file? Cheers!

Hi @hannah_eps!

Yikes! This is certainly a bummer, but it isn’t too surprising. The taxa bar plots aren’t very performant when rendering large numbers of features — perhaps if you perform some abundance filtering on your feature table you can remove some of the noise? Unfortunately there isn’t really a good workaround for viewing that particularly large barplot — I think you will need to come up with a strategy for reducing the data rendering in the plot, either by filtering features or splitting up into different sample groups. If you know what metadata categories you are interested in grouping by, you could group your feature table (e.g. “treatment”), then generate the barplot using that grouped table.

Sorry, none of these options are super convenient, and we have plans to refactor this viz in the future to make it work better with larger datasets. Keep us posted, and let us know if you get stuck! :t_rex:


To expand on what @thermokarst stated, I had a similar issue when I was working with a barplot that had an extremely large metadata file associated with it. Along with the grouping by metadata categories, I edited my metadata file to only include the variables I was particularly interested in. The resulting barplot file with this updated metadata file and grouping by metadata category loaded much faster and was very smooth to work with.

Hope that helps! :whale2:


Thanks @thermokarst and @Sirtaj-Singh for your replies! It turned out that if I actually used the “qiime tools view” command rather than dragging the file into View, it opened - a bit odd, but I’ll take it. It’s quite slow to change levels, but I could download the .csv files which were what I was after. I was unable to download the bar graphs, so I am very interested in giving the “group your feature table” a go to break up my data a bit. Thank you so much again!


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