Is there a way to install PICRUSt2 in Apple chip M2

Hello, everyone, I'm having trouble installing PICRUSt on the latest version of QIIME2 on my MacBook with the new Apple M2 chip. I've already tried downgrading to an earlier version of QIIME2, but the plugin still isn't compatible (it says mach-o file, but is an incompatible architecture (have (arm64), need (x86_64)). Does anyone know if there is a way to install PICRUSt on the latest version of QIIME2 with the new Apple M2 chip? Any advice or guidance would be greatly appreciated.


no, there is no way to install it. The packages should be explicitly developed for different arches, and PICRUSt2 wasn't.


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Thank you so much for your quick response.

Now it makes sense. I was getting that error message.
I have read that there is a way to install PICRUSt2 alone without QIIME2, I will try to do that, I will look for a tutorial or something. If someone knows, please let me know.

picrust2 has a nifty instruction on GitHub (Full pipeline script · picrust/picrust2 Wiki · GitHub).
You can load results of predictions as FeatureTable[Frequency] afterward.
From what I see on bioconda, it should work on arm64.

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Thank you so much. I Installed PICRUSt2 as standalone, and it worked.


Hello I'm also using Macbook with M2 chip. How did you install Picrust2? What do you mean by standalone installation?

Hi @lovely_chimera
Picrust2 is a software that can be used by itself and within QIIIME 2. Seems like right now the only way to use it is to use it not within QIIME 2 if you have an M2 chip. Follow the github link above and it should have install instructions for how to download Picrust2 outside of QIIME 2.
Hope that helps!

Hi @cherman2, q2-picrust2 has recently launched an update. Now it is possible to install it in chip M1/M2.

More info in Qiime2 plugins section: QIIME 2 Library

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Thanks for the update @otrujillor!