Is there a way to export statisti overview results

I have run an ANOSIM test on my data and I am now trying to export the results. When the statistics are visualized I get an overview of the ANOSIM results (see image below), some boxplots, and statistics for pairwise comparisons. When I export the statistics using the command below I get the raw data, the statistics for the pairwise comparisons, and images of the boxplots. But not the "overview statistics"? Is there someway I can export this data?

qiime tools export \
  --input-path Analysis/Beta_diversity/unweighted-unifrac-significance.qzv \
  --output-path Analysis/Beta_diversity/unweighted-unifrac-significance

Unfortunately, there is no way to export overview stats since this information is not stored in csv files. This table is stored in the index.html (if I remember correctly). You can access it by extracting all the content of qzv file as from archive (unzip it). I was able to read html file in pandas for a bunch of files I got earlier in the analysis. So you can use Python or R to do the job.

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