Is qiime2(moving to the pictures) suitable for analysing data from absolute quantitation experiment of microbes

I got some data from absolute quantitation experiment of microbes:

I am wondering the qiime2 moving to the pictures is suitable for analysing this kind of data?



Hi @111,
The short answer is:
(1) yes, QIIME 2 can be used to analyze the amplicon data
(2) no, QIIME 2 cannot do the transformation for you (integrating QPCR and amplicon data to estimate absolute abundances), as you are following a specific protocol that requires some customization. I recommend following up with the authors of that paper to learn more about what they did. Writing a QIIME 2 plugin to accomplish this would probably be fairly straightforward if you or they are interested.

And just to add a general comment:

The “moving pictures” tutorial is just a simple example tutorial and is by no means the only workflow that one can perform with QIIME 2. QIIME 2 can be used to build quite flexible custom workflows, but only if the right plugins exist. As you are following a rather specific protocol, a plugin for this does not exist but, again, could be created with a bit of work. The workflow used in the moving pictures tutorial could be followed to analyze the amplicon data, but not the abundance transformation.

Good luck!

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