Is QIIME1 website down?

Hello. I know we are transitioning to QIIME2, but I am just working through some of the QIIME documentation to get an idea of what the individual steps are - and also because my institution still has QIIME1.9 as the available version on the high performance computing system.
I was accessing the website this morning, but I can’t seem to get it this afternoon.
Is the site down? Or is it being phased out.
Best wishes,

Hi @HelenH!

We are not shutting down the QIIME 1 servers --- we will communicate any changes to those if and when the time comes.

It sounds like transient network errors --- are you able to pull it up now?

Everything looks good to go from this end, but please let us know if you are still having troubles. Thanks! :t_rex:

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