Is it possible to recover Q2-DADA2 table artifact from Qiime2 view?

I just mistakenly deleted my ‘table-dada2.qza’ using the rm command in linux (i know, I know!)
However, I still have the .qzv open in Qiime2 view. is there a way to recover the ‘table-dada2.qza’ file from Qiime2 view?

Any help would be really appreciated.

Hi @nerdynella — unfortunately not :frowning_face: :cry:! Provenance tracks how an artifact/visualization has come to be (what source data, what commands, what parameters, etc), but it does not hold onto the upstream data. The way I like to think of provenance is like a bundle of “receipts” for all of your QZAs — who did what, when, and how! Sorry to hear about the missing data, rm is a powerful tool. With great power comes great responsibility!

oh well…thank you!

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