Is it possible to link to latest docs?

(Michael Shaffer) #1

Hey all,

I’m writing a community tutorial for my plugin and I’d like to include links to the docs for things like installing a qiime environment and filtering a table. Is there something like that I could link to or would I have to link to a specific version and keep updating the link?


(Michael Shaffer) #2

This should be in developer discussion but I’m a dummie and got my qiime2 forum tabs mixed up.


(Evan Bolyen) #3

(Evan Bolyen) #4

Yep, that’ll be coming at some point soon. is already able to do this, we just need to migrate things. But first, we’re hoping to move a lot of those tutorials to a better location (more soon)!

(Evan Bolyen) #5

(Michael Shaffer) #6

I’ll keep an eye out. Thanks @ebolyen