Interpret alpha-diversity significance

Hello. Trying to figure out how to interpret diversity results. I do not fully understand the output for alpha-group signficance plots. What is the H value for the Kruskal-Wallis pairwise test? And is there an easier way to get value for Faith's PD or Shannon values per group other than downloading the raw table and calculating them myself? I know the program is calculating the median as well as quartiles because it is plotting them on the boxplot, but I would like to be able to report the exact numbers for each group and don't see that output anywhere. Attaching a screenshot for reference. Thank you!

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Hi @Heather_E! :wave:

Have you tried searching the forum? There are several threads about interpreting these results.

I think you will find this Topic and many others super helpful:

Don’t hesitate to follow up here with more questions after reading the above discussion and any others that you might find while searching the forum.

As for you other question:

I need to do a bit more investigation and will get back to you about it.

Good luck!

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