Installing Qiime2 2023.9

Good morning sir,
I realized I installed Qiime2 2023.9 wrongly and I actually really installed an older version instead.
Iv uninstalled and infact reinstall Ubuntu Linux on my system to get rid of all residual files. Now I want to reinstall the latest version of Qiime2 (Qiime2 2023.9) but am not sure how to get the installation file. Iv read through the installation tutorial over again but still I can't find it. Iv installed miniconda as instructed but I can't find where to download Qiime2 2023.9. I believe I have to install that before I download Qiime2 tiny distribution, Qiime2 amplicon distribution and Qiime2 shotgun distribution.
Thank you for your assistance.

Hi @Louis,
The Qiime2 2023.9 release was divided into the three distributions you listed, all you need to do is pick the one that best fits your needs and install that distribution. I hope this helps!

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Thank you so much for your reply, it was helpful.
But now I have followed the instructions and installed the packages as instructed, on trying the tutorial I have a problem when trying to run the command for the EMPPairedEndSequence. I attach a picture of the problem to the text. Please kindly assist me. Thank you

@Louis It looks like you didn't properly create and activate your QIIME 2 conda environment. Please follow the instructions found here and install the Amplicon distribution for Linux.

Do not install the shotgun or tiny distributions. The amplicon distribution is the baseline version of QIIME 2, and it is the version you will want for the Atacama tutorial.

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Thank you for your reply, so grateful

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Goodday Oddant1,
I did as you instructed and it worked, am so grateful for the assistance.
I have done the tutorial on moving pictures and that on Atacama soil Microbiome and my Qiime2 worked perfectly now.
Thank you so much.
I have one small question to ask, it there anyway I can get a material to help me interpret the results I get.
Thank you.

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Hi @Louis,
Have you looked at our youtube channel?

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Thank you for this information, I will do that tonight.

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