Installing QIIME2-2018.2 within an existing conda environment


I am trying to install QIIME2 within an existing conda environment. I use this environment for machine learning, so it already contains important packages. I need to add QIIME2 to this environment, but the installation instructions all require creating a new environment.

I tried to install it using the command
conda install --file qiime2-2018.2-py35-osx-conda.yml
with my machine learning environment activated at the recommendation of @zech_xu , but got the error:
could not parse ‘- qiime2/label/r2018.2’ in: qiime2-2018.2-py35-osx-conda.yml

Is this something that can be resolved?


Hi @aeriel.belk!

Sorry for my delayed response.

This is a poorly worded error from conda, fortunately the fix is simple.
Change conda install -> conda env update. The way the --file flag works is different between those. See this post for more details.

Wow, that was so easy!! Thanks! :hugs:


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