Installing QIIME 2 in windows, virtualbox and wsl


I am new to Qiime2

I installed Qiime2 using virtual box on my two PCs. One of them works but the other wouldn’t boot even though I followed the same steps in installing both. The ubuntu boot screen doesn’t come and it remains black. I have removed and re-imported twice and its still the same.

How do I resolve that?

I have installed qiime2 using sudo apt install qiime in ubuntu using the linux sub system in windows 10. Trying to go through the moving pictures tutorials using this but can’t seem to get around it. Any help?

Hey @Kwabena,

I merged these two topics as I suspect they are serving the same goal of getting QIIME 2 working in some fashion.

Re: the problem at hand.

For the one virtualbox that isn’t working, it is it very likely that your processor doesn’t support virtualization, which is why virtualbox is unable to boot Ubuntu correctly. You could try fiddling with various settings in BIOS and inside virtualbox, but we won’t be very much use, since those details are unique to every machine. What CPU is installed in the machine that doesn’t work?

For the windows subsystem, you want to be installing via conda not apt, that will install QIIME 1, which is not what you want :). Inside the windows subsystem, you can just use these installation instructions and treat it as a linux machine (because it actually is!).

Thanks. I figured the second part out. I have installed qiime2 using the instructions for natively installing qiime2 and have just tested and it works. Thanks. Since this works I won’t need the virtualbox


Im getting some problems with my VM so i uninstalled it and want to use the Linux Subsystem for W10.

Did u had any problem installing it? any advice? it is still working fine?