Installing Community Plugins in Docker

Installing Community Plugins ( is a breeze with Docker!

First, let’s launch an interactive Docker container:

docker run --rm -it --name my-custom-container qiime2/core:2018.11 /bin/bash

Next, pick a plugin to install: I will try out @cduvallet’s q2-perc-norm. Running the current install command:

# This plugin is just an example, please follow the directions for
# the plugin (or plugins) you wish to install!
conda install -c cduvallet q2_perc_norm -y
qiime dev refresh-cache

Then, in another terminal, I will run the following:

docker ps

Which should return:

CONTAINER ID        IMAGE                 COMMAND                  CREATED             STATUS              PORTS               NAMES
59a4d6df8220        qiime2/core:2018.11   "/usr/bin/tini -- /b…"   5 seconds ago       Up 4 seconds                            my-custom-container

We want to make a note of the CONTAINER ID for the container named my-custom-container, we want to use that in the next command:

docker commit 59a4d6df8220 thermokarst-qiime2/2018.11-with-q2-perc-norm:latest

Now we should have a new image registered locally:

docker images
REPOSITORY                                     TAG                 IMAGE ID            CREATED             SIZE
thermokarst-qiime2/2018.11-with-q2-perc-norm   latest              c6818a93b556        5 seconds ago       7.16GB
qiime2/core                                    2018.11             3980460694d5        6 days ago          6.94GB
qiime2/core                                    latest              3980460694d5        6 days ago          6.94GB
continuumio/miniconda3                         latest              d3c252f8727b        7 weeks ago         422MB
qiime2/core                                    2018.8              a1717e0e9bd7        2 months ago        6.31GB

Cool! Now if we run our new container, instead of the official QIIME 2 docker container we will have our new plugin available to us:

docker run --rm -it \
    -u $(id -u):$(id -g) \
    -v $(pwd):/data \
    thermokarst-qiime2/2018.11-with-q2-perc-norm:latest \
        qiime perc-norm
Usage: qiime perc-norm [OPTIONS] COMMAND [ARGS]...

  Description: This QIIME 2 plugin performs a model-free normalization
  procedure where features (i.e. bacterial taxa) in case samples are
  converted to percentiles of the equivalent features in control samples
  within a study prior to pooling data across studies.

  Plugin website:

  Getting user support: Raise an issue on the github repo:

  --version    Show the version and exit.
  --citations  Show citations and exit.
  --help       Show this message and exit.

  percentile-normalize  Percentile normalization

Woohoo!! :t_rex:


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