Installation problems


I am trying to install QIIME2 2018.6 and seem to be running into issues installing Miniconda following the native install instructions . From what I’ve read it may be because my macOSX doesn’t support the wget function? I have been trying to install wget and then retried to install miniconda but am not having any luck. I am either getting “no such directory” or wrong command. is there something I am missing?

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Good afternoon,

I don’t think you need wget to install this. How does this process work for you?

  1. download the OSX install for python 3.6 from here
  2. install it by running this in terminal:
cd Downloads

If this doesn’t work, please post any errors or messages you recieve along the way.

I hope you can use QIime soon! :qiime2:



We solved this issue offline, went the same approach as @colinbrislawn mentioned above for anyone else reading this.


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