Installation of Qiime2 on MacMojave, Natively protocol does not work


I’m trying to install on Qiime2 on my Mac (Mojave 10.14.3; i5; 8gb DDR3). I am using the conda, and in the command wget appears the error “Disabling SSL due to encountered errors.”

I used Qiime1 for a long time through VirtualBOx, but I decided to install Qiime2 natively to improve the performance of the analyzes.

Does anyone know why this error?

The wget that ships with conda appears to be broken. Simply download the file from your browser instead!

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BTW - 2017.12 is practically prehistoric! You could think about installing a modern version of QIIME 2, like 2019.1 (or 2018.11).

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Just a quick follow-up, we revised the install documentation to include a few words on this matter:

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