Install Error: YML file doesn't install dependencies

Hello, I am following installation instructions for linux install (Natively installing QIIME 2 — QIIME 2 2022.8.3 documentation) and it looks like there are missing dependencies. Any insight on how to fix this install error would be appreciated. Thank you!

conda env create -n qiime2-2022.8 --file qiime2-2022.8-py38-linux-conda.yml

Collecting package metadata: done
Solving environment: failed

  • pyqt=5.15.7 -> qt-main[version='>=5.15.6,<5.16.0a0'] -> __glibc[version='>=2.17,<3.0.a0']
  • pyqt=5.15.7 -> qt-webengine[version='5.15.*,>=5.15.9,<5.16.0a0']
  • qt-main=5.15.4 -> __glibc[version='>=2.17,<3.0.a0']
  • libudev1=249 -> __glibc[version='>=2.17,<3.0.a0']
  • ipython=8.5.0 -> __win
  • ipython=8.5.0 -> __osx
  • ipython=8.5.0 -> __linux

Hello @fsaravia,

Welcome to the forums! :qiime2:

Can you tell me more about the Unix OS on which you are installing this? Is it WSL or OSX or Ubuntu or something else?

Hi @colinbrislawn,
I am working remotely on a server, here's more info on it:

Operating System: CentOS Linux 7 (Core)
Kernel: Linux 3.10.0-1160.62.1.el7.x86_64
Architecture: x86-64

OK cool! I've used CentOS too.

Did the remote server come with conda preinstalled, or did you install conda yourself?

Can you also run conda info and post the result?

The remote server came with conda preinstalled and I do not have admin access to update.

conda info

active environment : base
active env location : /software/anaconda3
shell level : 1
user config file : /home/fatimas/.condarc
populated config files : /home/fatimas/.condarc
conda version : 4.6.14
conda-build version : 3.18.9
python version :
base environment : /software/anaconda3 (read only)
channel URLs : conda-forge/linux-64
Linux 64 ::
Noarch ::
Anaconda packages for Linux x86_64 (64-bit)
Anaconda packages (noarch)
package cache : /software/anaconda3/pkgs
envs directories : /home/fatimas/.conda/envs
platform : linux-64
user-agent : conda/4.6.14 requests/2.22.0 CPython/3.7.7 Linux/3.10.0-1160.62.1.el7.x86_64 centos/7.9.2009 glibc/2.17
UID:GID : 1044:1001
netrc file : None
offline mode : False

One of these two things is probably causing the problem.

While we wait to see if anyone else has any ideas, you could try installing miniconda3 into your own account without admin privileges, and once that's done try installing Qiime2 using your own conda install.

Okay, thanks for the suggestion. I'll give it a try and post an update

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Hi @colinbrislawn, your suggestion worked and I now have qiime2 successfully installed.

  1. Install miniconda3 under my home directory
  2. Re-install qiime2 using own conda environment

Thank you!

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