Indicator species analyses

Is there any QIIME2 plugin for running Indicator species analyses after ASVs classification?

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Honestly, I am not sure what is meant by "indicator species", but it sounds very similar to what q2-sourcetracker and q2-feast do, find more information in the linked thread.

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Hy @crusher083,
thank you for your help.

By searching online, I find that sourcetracker is used assissing the presence of contaminants in samples. Is that correct?

Anyway, what I would like to do is to analyses those species (Indicator species) that are used as ecological indicators of community or habitat types, environmental conditions, or environmental changes.
Here is a resource about indicator species analyses: Indicator Species Analysis: A Useful Tool for Plant Disease Studies - PubMed

Do you know if there is a plug in for this?
Thank you so much!


Please take a look a sourcetraker tutorial. It uses Bayesian methods to estimate hypothetical bacterial abundance with respect to metadata. (finding a distribution of bacteria in certain environments, such as sewage, initially)

If you want to replicate analysis from the article, you need to do it outside QIIME, as there are ko such plugins. If you think it's a useful analysis method feel free to contribute with a plugin :slight_smile:


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