Incorrect space replacement in da-plots breaks links

Hello, I am noticing that for QIIME 2023.2 my barplot filenames are saved with the "+" replacement rather than the "%" replacement, while the link is pointing to a file with a "%" rather than a "+" in the name. I just did a quick check and I modified the html of the webpage to replace the "%" with a "+", which then allowed the link to work and opened up the appropriate barplot file. BUG: Fixes URL space issue in DA plots by cherman2 · Pull Request #117 · qiime2/q2-composition · GitHub contains the code that appears to be related to the problem.

The issue occurs for metadata column Timepoint, where I am comparing "BASELINE" to "Day 21", where BASELINE is the reference level.

Hi @bvan-tassel,
This is an issue that was fixed in our newest release! So If you install qiime2-2023.5, this will not be an issue.

Hope that helps!