Importing PE-demultiplexed data (2018.8.0)

Hi all,

I’ve run into some problems, importing paired-end, phred 33, demultiplexed data into qiime2.

I’m running QIIME 2018.8.0 and it looks like all plugins are installed properly.

This is the command I’m using:
qiime tools import
–type ‘SampleData[PairedEndsSequencesWithQuality]’
–input-path manifest.txt
–output-path manifestout.qza
–source-format PairedEndFastqManifestPhred64

And this is the error I’m getting:
Name ‘PairedEndsSequencesWithQuality’ is not a defined QIIME type, a plugin may be needed to define it.

I’ve looked at some of the older topics with similar importing problems, at the help of the command, and also at the importing data tutorial, which doesn’t seem to be supported anymore, but I can’t figure out where my mistake lies.

Looking at the import command, ‘PairedEndsSequencesWithQuality’ is definitely listed, and it’s also listed in the tutorial.

Any suggestions?

Kind regards,

Hey @Roger_Huerlimann,

This one’s an easy fix :smiley: just remove the extra s after End


Sigh… how embarrassing… that’s what I get from copying other peoples code rather than from the QIIME2 page.


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No problem, it happens to everyone at some point!

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