Importing fastq sequencesfrom previously transformed from ab1 files (Sanger Sequencing)

hi.. a question from a very new user here.. I have extracted the 16S rRNA from stool samples and performed Sanger sequencing to ID the bacteria population present in the samples (I have both forward and reverse sequences for each one.). Therefore, I had ab1 files.
i have converted the AB1 files to fastq files using a online software..

Now I am facing trouble to import my data to Qiime.

i searched about this topic and found similar question at Profile - diegorg - QIIME 2 Forum. however according the forum session, the author was suggested to convert the ab1 files to fastq using tracy..

  1. i downloaded tracy, but i dont know how to convert ab1 files to fastq.
  2. i tried to import data using my previously converted file to Qiime by following the suggestion in the forum but unsuccessful.
    any suggestions please?


Is this the previous post that you are talking about? Can you post the commands you tried and the errors that you got when you tried?

[email protected] Keegan-Evans
yes.. that is the post that i was refering. Since posting, I tried the codes a couple of times and I manage to import my data to Qiime and visualize them. Unfortunately, my quality plot is too low (<10). I am not sure if it is due to Sanger sequencing. Discussing my options with my SV. Anyway, I am so sorry to bother you.

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