Importing FASTQ.GZ

This is my first time to use QIIME2. I followed the tutorial on Importing demultiplexed sequence data:

Using the Upload Data tool:

  • Steps to setup data_to_import:sequences:
    1. On the fourth tab (Rule-based):
    2. Set “Upload data as” to Collection(s)
    3. Set “Load tabular data from” to Pasted Table
    4. Paste the following contents into the large text area:

In the tutorial, there are 2 columns, I think it is file name and URL.


My question is where can I get the URL of my sequences. I only have the fastq.gz files of my sequences. I dunno where to find or create it.

I'm a beginner so please bare with me.

Hello @king20, what type of data are you trying to upload? Is it SampleData[PairedEndSequencesWithQuality] like the tutorial you are referencing, or is it something else?

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It is fastq.gz files fresh from the sequencing facility.

Sorry, I should have phrased my question differently. So we know the data has quality, but we need a bit more information to know how to import it into QIIME 2. Is it paired end or single end data? Is it in casava one eight format? Once I have all the information needed to import this data into QIIME 2, I'll provide step by step instructions on uploading the data to galaxy and importing it into a QIIME 2 artifact.

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