Importing demultiplexed FASTA

I have the same problem that @liubaily. I have the sequence data (Illumina) in FASTA format that has already been cleaned and trimmed. Adaptors, low quality bases and sequences have been removed as well as chimeric sequences, and the data is demultiplexed. So now I would like to start the analysis on Qiime2.
How can I import this data to q2studio?

Hi @alg13! Thanks for reaching out!

Assuming you have the data in the format that's output by / in QIIME 1 (e.g. seqs.fna), please take a look at the suggestion in this post, this should hopefully get you started on the right track! If not, please let us know a bit more info about the data you are trying to import (paired- or single-end? with or without quality? multiplexed or demultiplexed?)!

I suggest you take a peek at the QIIME 2 Studio Docs to learn a bit more about the Studio! Basically, once you have imported your data (using either q2cli or the Studio) you can start to work through an analysis using the Studio. If you don't have the Studio installed, I recommend checkout out our VirtualBox image --- this is the fastest and easiest way to get your hands on QIIME 2 Studio!

Good luck and let us know if you get stuck anywhere! :t_rex:

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