importing demultipled sequence

i am following through the QIIME2 tutorial. When i tried to import the demultiplexed data, then after building rules for upload, i am getting the following error:
"Access to this addess is not permitted by server configuration"

Please help. Thanks!

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Hello and welcome :qiime2:!

As error says, it's most probably the problem with server configuration and QIIME2 team is powerless here :cry:
Contact your system administrator.



Hi @Shradha_Sharma

One option might be to download to your local machine, and then push through via an SCP or similar. It might modify the way you work with the tutorial, since you'd need to do all the downloads to your local machine and then scp through, but it would get the data over.

(I also highly recommend using Jupyter notebooks if you're too lazy to move stuff back and forth. You can run the bash commands in the notebook prefixed by a ! character, and then open the Visualization objects by importanting them and see them inline.)


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