Importing data troubles and qz files

Hi @jphagen,

Thanks for your reply. I have made some progress, however, im running into other problems now.

I figured out, that when using Galaxy, the use of an manifest is not possible. q2-galaxy file import troubles - #4 by colinbrislawn

So, I try using the casava format on my samples. This is an example of a file name: 2_D08_89711-D08_CGAGGCTGACTGCATA_L001_R2_001_KFPJJ.filt.fastq.qz

Im not sure if this is the right format. I'm now uploading using SequenceswithQuality, and pairing the collection as suggested by improving fastq import experience for Galaxy users - #2 by gregcaporaso, and then using the casava format. I get an error saying: Unexpected error importing data:
Missing one or more files for CasavaO
neEightSingleLanePerSampleDirFmt: '.+

  1. What method of uploading do I use with my paired samples, with names like: 2_D08_89711-D08_CGAGGCTGACTGCATA_L001_R2_001_KFPJJ.filt.fastq.qz
  2. What method of importing do I use, and what type can I use when not using a manifest?
    3.What does this error code tell me?

Thanks in advance!