Importing data to qiime2

Hi everyone,
I’m a novice in bioinformatics. I wasn’t sure what format my data was (see figure), when I recently imported data to qiime2.And I want to know what commands can be used to import them into qiime2.
it would be great if anyone could guide me.
The qiime 2 version that am using is qiime2 2018.11 and my R version is also 3.4.1

Hi @lipengcheng,
Looks like you forgot to include a figure?
Also, have you had a chance to go over the qiime2 tutorials, especially the importing tutorial that describes many different ways to import data into Qiime2.

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Hi @Mehrbod_Estaki
I'm very sorry, I forgot to add the picture. The main problem is that I can't tell which type my data belongs to. This data comes from the Ion S5XL sequencer. Looking forward to your help! Thank you!

Hi @lipengcheng,
Sounds like you have some Ion torrent data, though I’m not super familiar with this type of data, you should certainly be able to import it into qiime. It might be as easy as just importing them using the manifest method I linked above but I know Ion Torrent data can be a bit tricky so I would recommend searching this forum for “importing ion torrent” and look up some of the other solutions out there and see which one matches the data type you have. Sorry I couldn’t be more of a direct help, I’m not personally too familiar with Ion Torrent.

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