Importing a folder of .fna files

More questions on importing 454 data into qiime2. I have 4 .fna files that I have demultiplexed in Q1, and now I would like to import them into qiime2. In the past, I have concatenated the files and then imported them using:
qiime tools import --input-path file.fna --output-path file.qza --type SampleData [Sequences]
Is this the best way to do this though?

Hi @LauraMason - just want to double-check first, are these fna files consistent with the description given here? If so, then yes, concatenating and importing is your best path forward! If no, lets figure out what these files are (fna is a very generic extension - the data could be formatted many way, and could represent something different than SampleData[Sequences]. Thanks! :t_rex:

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