importare file manifest

Hello to all ,
i can't import my manifest file.
what does this error mean?

Hi @jessidima,
you should change the manifest file, the PairedEndFastqManifestPhred64V2 you are using expects the manifest in the following format:

sample-id forward-absolute-filepath reverse-absolute-filepath
sample1 $PWD/pe-64/s1-phred64-r1.fastq.gz $PWD/pe-64/s1-phred64-r2.fastq.gz
sample2 $PWD/pe-64/s2-phred64-r1.fastq.gz $PWD/pe-64/s2-phred64-r2.fastq.gz

EDIT: I also missed another problem (thanks to @thermokarst which pointed me at this), the correct --type to use in your case is:


thanks LUCA!
you have been very kind

I have 2 paired final files which are already demultiplexed and I tried to import it using the fastq manifest format, but I can't do it. Keemei validates the format for me but on the command line I get an error. Could you tell me why?

Hi @Jessica,

Is the manifest a ‘csv’ (comma separated value) as the name of your file? Please note it should be TAB separated instead (could you attach it?).
Can I ask you also if you could copy-and-paste the command and error you get, instead of attaching picture, which I find quite hard to read? Please Please …

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