import Types in Qiime2 version 2020.2.0

Hello! I am trying to import the plugin types, because it is not available in my qiime2 version 2020.2.0 but I get this message, can somebody please help me?

/Desktop$ from qiime2.plugins import types
from: can’t read /var/mail/qiime2.plugins

Hello Angelica,

Looks like you are running this command inside of a bash terminal, but that’s python code! Once you start a python session, that code should work better.

Try this:

$ python
Python 3.7.6 | packaged by conda-forge | (default, Jan  7 2020, 22:05:27) 
[Clang 9.0.1 ] on darwin
Type "help", "copyright", "credits" or "license" for more information.
>>> from qiime2.plugins import types

Thank you very much for the help!! :blush:

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Why do you think that?

If you want to verify via the command line, you can run the following:

qiime info

This will show all the installed (and registered) QIIME 2 plugins in your environment.

Please bear in mind, q2-types doesn’t contain any Actions.

When i write info i get that types exists as a plugin in my qiime2, but then i get this

Thanks for following up, @Angelica!

That message is just saying that there are no commands available to run in the q2-types plugin.

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Thank you very much for the help!! :blush: