Import data in qiime 2

I cannot import my data in qiime 2. I install conda and then qiime 2 properly on Linux operation system but I don’t know next step. my field is biotechnology and I don’t know from bioinformatics analysis not at all and I don’t work with Linux server and its environment until now. what do I next stage after install qiime2? do I to connect to Linux server at the first? I know in this section (Importing data, Moving picture, Atacama soil) you explain but I do run this commands but it doesn’t run. I think I should do a work before these commands. please from beginning guide me? when to connect to server Linux? when and where create a directory? where do I put my manifest file, metadata file, and fastq file? my data are from demultiplexed data from 300bp paired-end Illumina miseq I have downloaded a fastq file which there are into this fastq file two fastq files forward and reverse for each sample.

Hi @elaheahmadi,
From this topic, it sounds like maybe you are having issues installing, and that is why you are unable to import. Could you please confirm? Then we can focus our attention on addressing your installation issues and close out this topic.


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