I need your help with the bioenv output visualization

Hello guys,
I'm really happy working on qiime2. But I need your help with the bioenv output visualization.
I used this code:

qiime diversity bioenv --i-distance-matrix bray-curtis_fulldata1.qza --m-metadata-file metadatafull.csv --o-visualization bray-curtis_bioenv_fulldata1.qzv

I was successful in getting the result, but when I added the result/output (bray-curtis_bioenv_fulldata1.qzv) in to qiime2 view I got this:

I'm wondering if is that what we expect as a result? Because I thought it would be a plot!

I couldn't find how this kind of result looks like on the qiimme2 forum even on the internet. So, could you help me, please?

Thank you so much in advance!!

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Hi @Dani, welcome back to the :qiime2: forum!

Your output viz certainly does look unusual. Developed-under-develop is the only variable that is being pulled, with a size of 1. Does that seem reasonable from your input .qza file? Can you try uploading your bray-curtis_fulldata1.qza file to QIIME 2 View and provide a screenshot of the output viz? This may help us determine where this unusual result is coming from.


Hi @Dani,

Apologies for not clarifying my request a bit further - can you provide a screenshot of the provenance tab after uploading your .qza file to QIIME 2 View?

The bioenv stat doesn't include any plots, which is where part of your confusion may be coming from. More details on bioenv can be found here, for your reference.

Hi Liz! Thank you very much for your support! I really appreciated that! :slight_smile:

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