How tou use visualization

I am following the moving picture tutorials. I wasn't able to find the demux.qzv file in my computer. I would like to visualize it at the website that you provided ( Can you guide me how I can find the file in my computer? Do you have any commands for that? I am using Ubuntu 20.04 LTS. Thanks

Good morning @csung7,

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Are you running Ubuntu on a VM, or in Windows Subsystem for Linux, or on a server? :desktop_computer:
(There's different ways to find the files depending on the system, which is why I ask)

I am running in Windows Subsystem for Linux!


In your WSL terminal, run this:

explorer.exe .

That will open up a new explorer window in your current working directory (the dot :point_right: . stands for your working directory in linux).

From there, you can click around your WSL folders just like you normally would on Windows. :desktop_computer:

Then just drag and drop that .qzv into!

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